Extracto de Malta Muntons Extra Pálido 500g


Extracto de malta deshidratado en polvo Extra Pálido. Color: 8EBC


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Spraymalt Muntons extra light 8 EBC

Great for all beer styles. Adds extra body and richness. Especially useful when brewing American style beers and light lagers.

What is malt extract?

Malt extract literally is an extract of malt. The mashing has already happened. When brewing beer with malt extract, there is no need to do the mashing yourself; simply boiling the wort suffices. This way of brewing occurs by many homebrewers in America; the so-called mini mash or partial mash method. However, do take into account that 1 kilo of barley malt does not contain the same amount of sugar as 1 kilo malt extract:


1 kg malt extract powder = 1.60 kg malt

1 kg barley malt = 0.62 kg malt extract powder

1 kg liquid malt extract = 0.80 kg malt extract powder

1 kg liquid malt extract = 1.30 kg malt

Use of malt extract as a yeast starter:

Dissolve 100 g malt extract powder in 800 ml water. Boil for 5 minutes, then allow to cool to 20-25°C, pour into a sterile Erlenmeyer flask or bottle with airlock and finally add the yeast.

Spraymalt improves the quality of any beer kit when used instead of sugar. As a result you will get beers which are less ‘dry’, with a richer flavour, more body and improved head formation and retention. For an extra ‘hoppy’ bite, add hopped spraymalt to all the beers you make.

Malt extract powder is hygroscopic; it absorbs or attracts moisture from the air. It is important that it is kept in a dry and cool place. Once the pack has been opened; reseal with as little air as possible in the pack.

Suggested uses:

1. Replace 50/50 with sugar: 1/2 kg sugar plus 1/2 kg spraymalt. Use this in any beer kit recipe which suggests the addition of 1 kg of sugar. This recipe will significantly help improve the overall quality and flavour of your beer.

2. Substitute all the sugar recommended in the beer kit recipe by 2 bags of spraymalt of 500 g. Important note: when using this recipe you must use Muntons Premium Gold yeast as you will be producing a beer particularly rich and full-bodied, requiring the improved fermentation characteristics of the Muntons Premium Gold yeast. Simply substitute the 2 packs of spraymalt for the 1 kg of sugar stated in the beer kit recipe. This will brew beer of the highest quality, transforming any standard beer kit into a premium kit with a particularly high percentage of malt.

3. Add one pack of spraymalt to any standard recipe in addition to the 1 kg of sugar suggested in the basic recipe of the beer kit. This will not only boost the malt flavour but also brew a stronger beer without destroying the beer’s natural character. The beer brewed will be approximately 20% stronger than the standard recipe.

Whichever recipe you follow, you can be sure of producing better beer than any standard kit, easily and economically.

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